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La Roche Interiors is the perfect answer for any professional looking to create a unique, inviting interior space. Our network of curated manufacturers allows us to create any kind of furniture to fit the needs of our clients.

From hotels to restaurants and offices, we have the ability to work with, or without, architects to bring any concept to life.

Let us help you create a place where customers feel welcome and can create a lasting connection.


We are directly working with manufactures in Europe, that allow us to have a total hand on the production lane and to make sure that the products match our quality standards.


Almost all the furniture can be personalized to correspond to your needs.

Choose your fabric and the finishes.

If you have special requests, we can adapt the product.


As we are directly working with the manufactures, we can adapt the products to your client's budget.



Explain us your dream's project

Have big dreams for your space? Share your inspiration, goals, and budget and we’ll help you design a space you love.

We reimagine your space

We will work with you one-on-one to bring your vision to life, complete with a 3D rendering of your actual space.

Focus on what you love.
We manage the entire project

Once you except our proposal, we managed the project for A to Z.

From gathering all the furniture directly from the best manufacturers to the installation in your house.


Together, we create memorable experiences for your customers.

The quality of the client, a skilled person plays an important role in defining the spirit of the places that our teams will help to develop by respecting both the functional aspect and the imperious need to create a homogeneous and sincere decor. Provide a living environment where clients recognize themselves and emotionally attach themselves to the sincerity of the content.

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